Former White House press secretary turned MSNBC cable news host Jen Psaki says that the White House would "probably like [Hunter Biden] to go away, right now."  Psaki groaned on NBC's insider roundtable, Meet the Press, "If you’re sitting in the White House, right now, you’re like, ‘Please, Hunter Biden.  We know your dad loves you.  Please stop talking in public.'"

Last week, in a surprise press conference in front the U.S. Capitol, Hunter broke cover and delivered a ten minute screed against the "unrelenting Trump attack team" that has tormented the much indicted First Son for the past six years.  Hunter was supposed to be on Capitol Hill for a congressional deposition.  Instead, the presidential progeny defied the legal summons and attempted to summon public sympathy.  For his potentially criminal antics, Republican leaders vow to hold Hunter in contempt of Congress.

Meanwhile, White House press secretary Katherine Jean-Pierre may have compounded matters.  Following Hunter's shock performance, the spokeswoman was asked if the president had been watching on television.  Jean-Pierre revealed that "the president was certainly familiar with what his son was going to say."  Constitutional law scholar Jonathan Turley points out that, if true, it's a stunning admission that "the president was speaking with his son about committing a potentially criminal act of contempt" and, in so doing, potentially obstructed Congress.  The stain of Biden, Inc. is not going away.