Just in time for Christmas, four Democrat-appointed justices on the Colorado Supreme Court delivered the shock verdict that, under the Civil War-era insurrection clause of the United States Constitution, former President Donald Trump is ineligible to appear on Colorado’s primary ballot.  Their decision is on hold while the United States Supreme Court considers weighing in. But with friends like these blue state black robes, the Biden campaign may wish for more enemies.

Immediately following the stunning decision, NBC News reported that senior White House and campaign officials were “pissed.” According to a panicked source, the Biden bunch fear the unprecedented decree looks “like Colorado is attempting election interference through non-elected Democratic-appointed justices with funding from ‘shady left-wing donors.’  We all hope Biden wakes up on Christmas morning to an A3 story in the Delaware News Journal saying that the Supreme Court ruled 9-0 in favor of Trump.”

Instead, Maine‘s top election official, a Democrat, followed up with her own unilateral Trump ban. Oregon’s highest court is expected to take up the issue, next.

Former Obama campaign advisor David Axelrod has “very, very strong reservations about all of this.” CNN’s go-to guru warns that “it would rip the country apart if [Trump] were actually prevented from running because tens of millions of people want to vote for him.” Subverting the election to save democracy could even be considered deplorable.